volume I: Pregnancy - how to prepare for the revolution of life?


More than 380 pages, 89 chapters on the period of preparation for the appearance of the child. Each of them has its author, but is the result of discussions between several hundred mums!

The sections in the book:
- Child: Health and Development
- Mom: Health, Psychology and Relations
- Childbirth
- Midwife

The full list of chapters in Volume I:

  1. Young parent's dictionary.
  2. "I have good news," that is, when to say pregnancy.
  3. Classic or modern? About not an easy name choice.

Health and development of the child

4. And I'm growing and growing! The main stages of development of a pregnant baby.
5. playing with the tenant of my stomach, i.e. supporting the development of the pregnant baby.
6. Hello, this is Mom! How to build a bond with your baby during pregnancy?
7. Negative impact of stress on pregnancy and the baby.
8. cancer prevention - how to reduce the risk of cancer in the child while pregnant.
9. premature babies - happiness that came prematurely.
10. first steps with a disability.

◆ My story... Susanna.

Baby layette

11. nest driving syndrome - fact or excuse?
12. An oasis of peace... and development, or how to arrange a room for a child.
13. Safe apartment. How to prepare it for your child?
14. layette for a child. Are we better off than our mothers?
15. layette - how to put it together with your head?
16. layette - clothes.
17. layette - cosmetics. Basics of toddler care.
18. layette - wege cosmetics.
19. layette - first aid kit.
20. layette - equipment. About objects that you did not even know about.
21. layette - stroller, i.e. the first four wheels of your child.
22. layette - a car seat.
23. reusable diapers. Back to the past or a modern solution?
24. Help! Twins!

◆ My story... Aneta.

Healthy and well-groomed future Mom

25. Under good care. How do you choose the doctor who is leading the pregnancy?
26. Your plans for the coming weeks, the pregnancy test calendar.
27. Attention - pregnancy! Which tests and medical procedures should be avoided?
28. Right and pregnancy. Medical appointments and sick leave.
29. Nausea, drowsiness, hypersensitivity to smells. Ways to deal with pregnancy.
30. Do not underestimate this! Symptoms in your pregnancy that should worry you.
31. Sweet Mommy, a few words about pregnancy diabetes.
32. The pregnant woman comes to the pharmacy. Basic rules of using medicines during pregnancy.
33. Isn't that folic acid enough?! What should a pregnant woman supplement?
34. Pregnancy is not a disease, it is what lifestyle to lead during pregnancy.
35. Eat for two, not for two, which is a proper diet during pregnancy.
36. Pregnant diet for vegetarians and vegans.
37. biting cucumber with chocolate, i.e. scientifically about pregnant cravings.
38. How much coffee can a future mother drink? Coffee and other stimulants and pregnancy.
39. Pregnancy in motion, i.e. about the physical activity of the future mother.
40. Pregnant yoga - exercise for health!
41. 50 faces... of the mother-to-be, i.e. about sex during pregnancy.
42. a well-groomed future mother. What cosmetic procedures can you use during pregnancy?
43. Read the composition! What cosmetics can you use during pregnancy?
44. Pregnancy cosmetics for vegans and vegetarians.
45. It's not always colourful... so how do you survive a difficult pregnancy?

◆ My story... Martyna.

The emotions and mental condition of the future Mom

46. Don't talk to me now! Hormones and their effect on pregnant women's emotions.
47. Not only physical, but also how to take care of your psyche during pregnancy.
48. Meditation and the well-being of the future mother.

◆ My story... Caroline.

49. Fear has a big... belly. Fear of giving birth and other fears of pregnancy.
50. What does heartburn have to do with the baby's hair, which is pregnancy superstition.

What else should you know?

51st Law and pregnancy. Different forms of employment and rights .
52. Right and pregnancy. What rights do you have?
53. with a shopping tummy, which is a wardrobe we have not necessarily to exchange.
54. A layette for mom. Must have in your home medicine cabinet.
55. Safe in a two-pack. How do you keep yourself safe when you're pregnant?
56. With a belly to the plane?! About traveling pregnant.
57. Baby shower, your baby's first party.
58. I've got a cat on the dog's point, which is about preparing pets for your baby's appearance.
59. The attitude is important, i.e. how to prepare mentally for the birth?
60. Yes, yes, you can (and should) prepare your body for delivery!
61. natural childbirth, caesarean section, vbac. The course of childbirth by different routes.

◆ My story... Camilla.

62. Back to school, so how do you choose a birthing school?
63. "I want to give birth in..." How to choose the best birthing place?
64. Birth at home - how to prepare yourself?

◆ My story... Agatha.

65. Who to give birth with? About the birth with a companion.

◆ My story... Daria.

66. Occupation: Midwife.
67. Occupation: Doula.
68. Birth plan. Oxymoron or good practice though?
69. Pack up! What to take to the birth?
70. Is that it? How do you know that the birth has started?

◆Moja history... Olga.

71. Right and pregnancy. Your rights at birth.
72. Auaaa! Natural and pharmacological methods for relieving the pain of childbirth.
73. Umbilical cord blood - current state of the art.
74. The baby scored! On the Apgar scale.
75. Kangarooing, i.e. miraculous closeness to the baby right after the birth.
76. Breast-feeding - can you prepare for this while still pregnant?

◆Moja history... Christopher.


77. Midwifery - an important time after the birth. Physiological aspect.
78. Midwifery - an important time after birth. Psychological aspect.


79th Organizational Tips&Tricks that will make it easier to start a motherhood.
80. 20 things to do while you are pregnant.

◆Moja history... Magdalena.


81. Losing a child - medical aspect.
82. Losing a child - psychological aspect.
83. loss of a child - legal aspect.

◆Moja history... Monica.

◆Moja history... Eve.



Volume II: Motherhood - how do you do it now?

More than 690 pages, 170 chapters on early motherhood - with children up to 3 years old. Each of them has its author, but it is the result of discussions between several hundred mothers!

The sections in the book:
- Child: Health, Care, Nutrition, Psychology, Development and Fun
- Mom: Health, Psychology and Relationships, Back to Work
- Dad
- Siblings

Full list of chapters from Volume II:


  1. Young parent's dictionary.
  2. Postpartum papyography, or what formalities do you have to take care of in connection with the birth of a descendant?
  3. Right. What holidays are parents entitled to?

CHILDREN: Well, it started...

  1. Fourth trimester, difficult beginnings outside the stomach.
  2. Smooth as a baby's skin? Not always! Baby skin, acne and other infantile phenomena.
  3. Visiting a new family member.
  4. With what competences is a child born?


  1. The calendar of a child's visits to the doctor, i.e. the NFZ invites you.
  2. What's the chart? How to interpret the centipede nets?
  3. Additional medical appointments that are worth considering.
  4. Cancer in children - what to know and when to react.
  5. See you soon, so how do you choose a good pediatrician?
  6. What's it (stabbing) with? I mean, a few words about grafting.
  7. What's it stinging with? The official vaccination calendar.
  8. A health lollipop?! Should I give the children supplements and which ones to choose?
  9. Blow on the cold. How do you build a child's immunity?
  10. I think the season's open. Ways to get a rhinitis, cough and cold.
  11. Are you sure you have to run to the doctor? The most common ailments of small children.
  12. Before you use... read this chapter, which is about giving medicines to children.
  13. Save your ass! How to prevent and deal with burns?
  14. Infant colic. How do we survive it?
  15. What's biting your baby? About teething babies.
  16. Soother - to give or not to give? Here's the question.
  17. Staying in the hospital with the baby. Survival guide.
  18. 5 reasons to get rid of cleaning products.

◆ My story... Lilla.

CHILDREN: Childcare and care

  1. Splash! Baby's bathing step by step.
  2. Read the line-up! Cosmetics for the baby.
  3. Read the line-up! Vege cosmetics for the baby.
  4. Natural childcare, or what instead of cosmetics?
  5. Milk has power! The amazing properties of female milk.
  6. Wonderful power of touch, that is, about the Shantala massage.
  7. What do you mean? Your baby doesn't wear diapers?! What's NHN?
  8. The moment that every parent dreams of.
  9. Oh, sleep, darling... Sleep neurobiology.
  10. About the children's dream, so when will my child finally start sleeping at night?
  1. We need a bigger bed! About sleeping with the baby.
  2. SIDS - how to reduce its risk?
  3. Attention: Bobas! The physiotherapist advises how to take proper care of the little one.
  4. Sleeping, that is, when nothing else helps.
  5. Carry on, carry on, you'll get used to it! About the advantages of wearing a sling.
  6. The sling and the power carrier, or how not to go crazy in a sling.
  7. The stomp of little... shoes. How do you choose your first shoes?
  8. Choosing a second car seat, so why should your child keep driving backwards?
  9. Whoa! Get in the way, that belt! The rules of safe driving.
  10. It was a moment of inattention... Basic rules to keep the child safe.
  11. Then forge it on a sheet metal! First aid for babies and young children.

CHILDREN: Nutrition of the child

  1. Breastfeeding. See what awaits you on the milk road.
  2. The dual milk route, or breastfeeding of twins.

◆ My story... Maria.

  1. Mixed feeding - when is it advisable?

◆ My story... Dagmara.

  1. Women's Milk Bank.
  2. How to gently end the journey on the milk road, that is weaning.
  3. Modified Milk - what choice?
  4. Bobby likes to try. When and how to start expanding the baby's diet?
  5. My baby doesn't eat meat. It's a baby on a wege diet.
  6. BLW, the recipe for a dirty kitchen and a happy child.
  7. Stages of child nutrition.
  8. Milk - how much, what, and until when to give it to the child?
  9. Food allergies and elimination diet. When is it necessary?
  10. Who's the inediate?
  11. Overweight and obesity in children. Causes and prevention.
  12. And that's what sugar is in it?! About the baby traps.

CHILDREN: Child development

  1. Introduction to the main stages of child development (0-3 years).
  2. Developmental leaps, that is, periods of intense development... and whining.
  3. Early childhood disorder.
  4. Psychological research on small children.
  5. When a child touches its intimate places... the sexuality of a small child.
  6. It's worth knowing: The baby's awakening.
  7. Worth knowing: Sensory integration.
  8. Bobomigs, or how to get along with a baby.
  9. "Say ma-ma." The speech development of a child.
  10. Screen kids. About the negative impact of technology on children's development.

CHILDREN: Psychology and childrearing

  1. A few important words to start with.
  2. How to build a wonderful relationship with your child?
  3. Hug me, Mom, hug me, Dad! About the importance of physical contact for a child's development.
  4. Stay close! About the idea of parenting closeness.
  5. Let him cry, which is the fatal consequences of crying a baby.
  6. An extremely demanding child, that is, a few words about high need babies.

◆ Row about high need baby.

◆ My story... Ela.

  1. A style of attachment, that is, a healthy bond between mother and child.
  2. To a bathroom without a child, that is, with the fear of separation.
  3. "And I prefer my mum..." so why does a child sometimes prefer one parent?
  4. Self-esteem.
  5. "Me!" or how to support a child's self-reliance.
  6. Are you sure you want a good baby? About the consequences of penalties and rewards.
  7. Authentic communication does not have to be nice, that is about NVC.
  8. Positive discipline, that is education in love and mutual respect.
  9. Can you make a deal with the little one? Communication with a 0-3 child.
  10. To be like a stress detective. About the Self-Reg approach.
  11. Mom, he pushed me! What's the aggressive behavior of the child really talking about?
  12. A rebel (no) by choice, that is, the mythical rebellion of a two-year-old.
  13. A toddler - a social being. About the child's relationship with other people.
  14. Mom, don't yell at me! About the destructive influence of parental anger and aggression.
  15. Dad, but Mom said... I mean, the thing about common rules.
  16. Do as I say, not as I do! How do children learn from their parents?
  17. Boy or girl? About the importance of gender in upbringing.

CHILDREN: Developmental games and toys

  1. Mom, Dad, play with me! The importance of play for the child's development.
  2. Will the baby eat it? How to choose safe toys?
  3. Black on white - contrasting books and supporting development.
  4. Feel it with all your senses, that is, sensory games.
  5. Move it! The importance of movement for the child's development.
  6. Bug, slap, or when to take the baby to the pool?
  7. Jazz, rock or classical music? About the influence of music on a child's development.
  8. Hurry me up, Dad! Hurry me up, Mom! Why sing to the children?
  9. Read it to me, Mom, read it to me, Dad! Why read to children?
  10. Alma has a cat, so when do you start teaching the kid to read?
  11. What John won't learn, John won't know when and how to teach a child a foreign language?
  12. Help me do it myself.

Introduction to Maria Montessori's pedagogy.

  1. Montessori spirit games and toys - how are they different from others?


  1. A lot has changed... The impact of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman's emotions.
  2. 10 (un)valuable advice for a young mother.

◆ My story... Margaret.

MAMA: Healthy and well-groomed Mama

  1. Don't look for an excuse! Go examine yourself! About important women's research.
  2. The dissection of the rectilinear abdominal muscle, that is, not just a pregnant "tire".
  3. Pelvic floor muscles - your female power center.
  4. Can I eat this too? Scientifically about the lactation diet.
  5. Mom on plants, that is the lactation diet for vegans and vegetarians.
  6. Coffee? Yes, please! About coffee and other stimulants during lactation.
  7. You still want me to take the folic acid?! What supplements should a breastfeeding woman take?
  8. A breastfeeding mom... and sick. Mom's lactating.
  9. In a healthy body, a healthy spirit! Return to physical activity after birth.
  10. Mommy's going back to bed, which is sex after pregnancy.
  11. Mom, take care of your spine! The physiotherapist advises how to carry and lift the baby.
  12. Read the line-up! What cosmetics can you use during lactation?
  13. Cosmetics for vegans and vegetarians.
  14. Natural woman care, or what instead of cosmetics?
  15. Beautiful mom. What cosmetic treatments can you use during lactation?

MAMA: Psychology and emotion

  1. Love (no) at first sight? Why don't you always fall in love with your child right away?
  2. Baby blues and postpartum depression. It can happen to anyone.
  3. Dad's down? Yes, it's possible! About the depression in fathers.

◆ My story... Sylvia.

  1. I'm still worried that... I mean, how do you deal with the fear of a child?
  2. Those were beautiful days... How does the relationship with your partner change after the baby comes along?
  3. Support and rejection, that is, how do relationships with loved ones change after the birth of a child?
  4. A woman to a woman... a friend? Relationships with other moms.
  5. A single mom. How do you live with a child on your own?
  6. My child only has a mother... How do I find myself in a lonely motherhood?
  7. Polish mother - ver. 2.0
  1. I want to scream and cry! How do you survive difficult maternal moments?

◆ My story... Aneta.

  1. Loneliness - maternal taboo.
  2. Motherfucking-- about a mother who's had enough.
  3. The perfect parent. Really?
  4. I feel guilty that... I mean, why are parents torturing themselves?
  5. Let it go... Why don't you have everything under control?
  6. Parental coaching, that is, support on the difficult path of upbringing.

◆ My motherhood is not what I thought it would be.

MAMA: Mommy's going back to work

  1. Stay with the baby or go back to work? Mom's working dilemmas.
  2. Mom has time! How to take care of your hobby and development by looking after your child?
  3. Mom is looking for a job - how to find yourself in the modern labour market?
  4. I don't want to go back to work. Now what? What are my alternatives?
  5. How do you prepare yourself, your child and your family to get back to work?
  6. Right. What rights does a mom have when she goes back to work?
  7. The little one under (new) supervision. Grandma, nanny, maybe a nursery?
  8. Mary Poppins or Mrs Doubtfire? How do you choose a good nanny?
  9. Nice aunts aren't everything - what to do when choosing a nursery or kindergarten?
  10. Home education as an alternative education pathway.

◆ My story... Agnes.

◆ My story... Margaret.

MAMA: What else?

  1. Mommy's going into town. How do you survive with a child in the urban jungle?
  2. A culture open to the toddler, a cultural offer for parents with small children.
  3. I'm breastfeeding where I want to, which is about feeding in public places.
  4. Small and big family travels.
  5. Traveling with a child - not so terrible... if you get ready.
  6. Eco-mom, eco-dad, eco-ja.
  7. Adoption. Beginner parent's guide.

◆ My story... Marlena.


  1. Mom and Dad as equally committed parents.
  2. Dad's taking parental leave! How to prepare yourself?

◆ My story... Jasiek.


  1. "So when will you have another child?" About a difficult question and a difficult decision.
  2. Mom, Dad, (no) I want a brother! So how do you prepare the baby for siblings to come?
  3. Like a dog with a cat or a parakeet? About supporting siblings in building positive relationships.
  4. You'll find help here!

List of institutions supporting parents.