First part read only once. There is so much information in this little book that one would like to quote the famous statement from the series Doctor Who: "It's bigger inside than outside!" Written in accessible language, concretely and honestly. It allows you to prepare for various aspects of pregnancy, which I might not even think about. A big hit for me!

In this book, there is probably an answer to every question that concerns fresh parents. A great book written by specialists in their field, and learned by experience - moms. The book absorbed me completely. This is what I was looking for. Well done, woman. ❤❤❤.

I came across the book by accident looking for guides for pregnant women. From the beginning I was impressed with the idea - so many women in one place?! It must be a disaster, they probably killed each other during 😀 And yet, no! I'm in the middle of the I-volume and I'm delighted. Lots of knowledge passed on in an excellent and simple way. It will certainly help me to go through my pregnancy slightly and with much greater awareness. I would like to thank all the mums who took the time to make their contribution

Your book is special. I sleep with it by the pillow. When I have a problem at night, I look in quickly and fall asleep quieter.

I have quite a large collection of books on the shelf about pregnancy, borrowed, bought, donated. After reviewing them, I was broken down - physiology, details on issues that concern only exceptions, lack of practical advice for everyone, often descriptions inadequate to Polish conditions. Only "Mommy for Mommy" turned out to be a shot at 10! A universal book, for every future mother. Clear, concrete, understandable and above all useful! Showing a spectrum of possibilities and giving a choice, suggesting but not forcing. The part about motherhood is waiting on the shelf 🙂.

"Mom for Mom" is a beautiful project created by hundreds of women.

Getting to know yourself is very important, and these books are about that. I'm just in the middle of the first part, so I'm sure that's not all that yet and this project. Curiosity grows with each subsequent chapter - each one is a vast amount of good and important knowledge, about which a woman has no idea more than once. I am very happy with this collection of practical information and stories, which will help many women to create a picture of themselves, prepare at least a little for motherhood. Even if I don't plan to become a mother in the nearest future, I will read these books very carefully, because I think that this kind of knowledge should be common, general and one of the obvious things for every woman (for a man a bit too, so maybe I will even be able to throw this £. 😊).

Sometimes I see books about pregnancy psychology, about biological aspects (which are extremely important, if not the most important!), but I haven't yet found myself lining the back of the topics in one place. Tips about the layette, legal matters, exercises and diet of a woman expecting a baby, her psyche, postpartum matters and stories about difficult pregnancies and miscarriages are brought together. Everything is told by women who experience it all themselves, are mothers themselves and act to help other mothers.

Let there be more of these projects, let there be a general talk about femininity, about difficult moments, about puerperium, maturity for love and such prosaic things as good toys for children!

I have to admit, the books have compensated for the stress of shipping. I am delighted and, as a future inexperienced mother, I absorb this valuable content at an exponential rate.

I read the first part about pregnancy - it is very cool and written in the available language. A second book about motherhood awaits me.

I can certainly recommend to people who want to know everything about pregnancy 🙂 Congratulations to the girls - they did a good job 😉

There's a book on the dresser that pulled me in. @mamamydamily is a must-have for any future mother. And even if you already have children, I think it's worthwhile to systematize your knowledge. Anyway, how many things change over the years thanks to new scientific research. The subject of lactation, neonatal care... I could exchange and exchange. What I am most happy about is the fact that we are beginning to notice that it is all cosmetics and the chemicals they contain that cause allergic reactions or skin changes. We go back to the roots, so it is advisable to wash with water alone or in starch, lubricating with natural oil and not olive. These and even more information in the book @mamydlamama.

The books arrived yesterday. Of course, I started to read the first volume and I like it a lot! There is so much information there. Visually, the book is also great and this cover, BOMBA pages 🙂 I'm glad you made those books! They will help not one future or present mother.

Super written. I didn't want to read others and I absorb this one very quickly ;).

The book is incredible, it's a lot of good work! 😀 Thank you!

I ordered under impulse, on average believing that a book with so many authors will stick together, and I have limited confidence in self-publishing. And I've been disappointed with the really positive 🙂 
1) The book is up to date in terms of legal advice, formalities related to pregnancy and childbirth - a great plus, because it is tailored to our Polish reality.
2. current medical knowledge - without alt-medical witchcraft. And a sober approach to topics such as umbilical cord blood banking or taking medication during pregnancy.
3. Cohesion! I was shocked here because I've been observing a few groups on facebook and women can argue hard even about the name of the gynecological chair, and here I didn't notice that individual authors deny themselves - when it comes to substantive issues. You know, the chapters are stylistically different, some are written in a lighter tone, others more officially and "dry".
4. Very nice, aesthetic edition. Inside I came across maybe one or two typos, and I'm terribly cozy about it. 😉
So far, I have a comparison with two other maternal positions and this one comes first.
I strongly recommend the book - I only regret that I found it at the end of the second trimester 😉.

After two days of reading I am very positively surprised. Systematic, factual, accessible, but not imposing knowledge. Thank you . ❤

To be honest, I came across this book by accident and the very information that it was written by so many moms bought me. This is my first book about pregnancy and parenthood, and I am mega-loving it!❤ That's what I was looking for! All in one place! A wonderful idea. ❤❤

Yes, yes, yes! I RECOMMEND IT! I've started the second volume and I'm delighted with the materiality, the step-by-step topics and the healthy approach 😍😍😍

I'm 4 months pregnant and I've already looked at some popular books. All of them not for me... Too much physiology, not enough concrete. But yours is perfect! We read aloud every night. It gives you food for thought, opens up to new unknown possibilities. The second volume is already on the shelf. Thank you .

As soon as she came, I took the first 50 pages out of the place (...). This is the best book for a freshly baked mom I had in my hands!

Lots of valuable content. It was worth the wait.

I got the books. I already ordered another one for my pregnant friend!

One of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading recently!

I highly recommend! All written in cool, friendly language. Easy and pleasant to read.

I'm very sorry I didn't have the first volume when I was pregnant. I'll be better prepared for the next pregnancy!

The book (for now a volume on pregnancy) is RE-WE-LAC-JA!

A set of books came to me yesterday and I'm all happy. I do not know much about pregnancy and motherhood, and to educate myself through online forums and unverified professionals I do not intend.

I have, I read while waiting for my daughter and I wholeheartedly recommend ❤❤❤

I have, I read and I admire ;). I recommend it!

I've got it, I'm reading the highly recommended😁👏😍

We liked the book so much that I ordered it once again, this time in a package of both as a gift!

I already have my copy. Quick shipment, beautifully packed and great to read. I am delighted and recommend it!

Very helpful books. Az you want to read them❤

Books are THE BEST Every mom will find something for herself!

The books are the best👍😍