The book "Mommy to Mommy"

The book "Mums for Mums" is a result of a project called "Mums write a book". The whole work - from the start of the project to the book printing - lasted 400 days. The works were carried out in a closed Facebook group - it was there, under the leadership of the coordinator, Barbara Falenty, that mums developed the concept of the book, the list of chapters, discussed almost every issue (and the discussions were exciting!) or chose the book's cover and the charity to which part of the income will go.

All stages - from writing, through proofreading and editing of texts, illustrations to cover design - were done with the "hands" of the project participants. This is a 100% self-publishing project! The coordinator decided to do it, despite the fact that as many as 4 publishers have made her an offer to publish the book.

The main assumptions that the coordinator made while working on the book:

  • The author must be an expert in a given field (e.g. midwife, paediatrician, dietician or psychologist) and also a mother.
  • The authors willing to write chapters had to document their competences.
  • Each expert chapter was checked by a second expert in the field.

In the writing of this book took part 1200 women - Polish women, living in 21 countries in the world.

This project contradicts many stereotypes - that "woman to woman...woman" or that mothers "just sit at home with their children". In this project, women have proven that they can and WANT to work together!

The project was also very positively received by the business community. Its coordinator, Barbara Falenta, had the pleasure to talk about it during one of the meetings of the Women's Enterprise Network(https://goo.gl/96t1sJ) and to give an interview to Women Power Media(https://goo.gl/pa328W).

Barbara Falenta

Barbara Falenta - initiator and coordinator of the "Mums are writing a book" project, which resulted in a two-volume book "Mums for Mums" (written jointly by 1200 women!).

A woman taking her first steps in entrepreneurship, the mother of two young men, the wife of a nice husband and a passionate traveler.

The originator of the project, Barbara Falenta, saw potential in it from the beginning. She gave up a well-paid job, devoted over a year of her life and savings to the project to guide it from start to finish - from the idea that was born in her head to the publication of the book and its independent distribution. She rejected proposals from four different publishers, focusing on the self-publishing model, the power of social media - and the knowledge of Polish mothers.

"I wanted to avoid publishing houses interfering with the content. I didn't want another item that would duplicate topics available in other textbooks or blogs, but a book that would help me get through pregnancy and motherhood with the confidence that I could do it. Such a message in the context of motherhood is still missing in Poland". - he explains.



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