"In this book is everything. Literally. An encyclopedia to be read. No page is talked about. Every chapter is needed. And it's linguistically simple. Wonderfully and neatly published. It is a book that may cost "a bit", but in fact, after reading it, I think the price is disproportionately low to the knowledge it contains. I will be happy to reach for the second volume soon, because I have a feeling that you just have to read it too." - Sylvia
Link to a full review: https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/4871825/mamy-dla-mamy-Prepare-as-you-go-go-go-gona-civil-revolutions/opinion/57738757?#opinia57738757

You're probably wondering how "Mom for Mom" books differ from other parenting titles?

There are many differences:

  • We are always keeping you up to date with the latest information - we follow, among others, amendments to the law, new guidelines of Polish and international institutions dealing with children's health and all kinds of scientific research. Choosing our books, you have a guarantee that if there is a significant change, you will receive an update file by e-mail from us. We are the only ones doing this!
  • 260 topics in one place - this is the only (in the world!) such comprehensive compendium of knowledge. To get to know so much information, you would have to buy several books. 260 chapters = 1100 pages = a huge dose of knowledge in a nutshell!

Check the table of contents!

  • The authors are POLKA, thanks to which the book is adjusted to our reality - the topics discussed, such as pregnancy and maternity law or standards of maternity care, concern our reality. (PS Most of the most popular books for parents are translations of foreign titles).
  • Quality guarantee!
    "I finally found a book that has a healthy and real approach! It's like talking to friends who can explain what's going to happen." - @Ryczka.
  • "Mommy for Mommy" books are:


- The most frequently chosen parenting title in Poland! BESTSELLER - over 40,000 copies sold already!
- One of the highest-rated titles in the "Guidebooks for Parents" category at lubimyczytac.pl. Check the reviews:


Reviews: https://mamydlamamy.pl/recenzje/

Volume I: https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/4871825/mamy-dla-mamy-ciaza-jak-przygotowac-sie-na-zyciowa-rewolucje-jak-preparatory-networking-on-life revolutionshttps://www.facebook.com/pg/MamyDlaMamypl/reviews/ Volume II: https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/4871805/mamy-dla-mamy-macierzynstwo-jak-to-sie-teraz-robi-jak-to-sie-to-now-robi


"In this book, I think there's an answer to every question that concerns freshman parents. A great book written by specialists in their field, and learned by experience - moms. The book absorbed me completely. This is what I was looking for. Well done, woman. ❤❤❤.” - Marzena


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